The Act of Choice

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Carla Kinder

While working in a corporate environment, Carla received a certification in Co-active coaching in 2006 and recently enhanced her skill set with a Resilience (aka Stress Management) coach certification from HeartMath in 2018. She considers coaching to be a wonderful complement to other self-care practices.  She enjoys partnering with clients who want to improve their quality of life in some way so that they get to choose how they feel each moment.  This often looks like improvements on their goal achievement, reducing their stress/pain/burnout, or learning how to communicate with less conflict. We have the knowledge and wisdom within us. Through Awareness and Practice, Carla works with you to set you up for success. Whether someone wants a single 15 minute stress management session or a multi-session skill building program, Carla customizes packages to meet individual or group needs and she is excited to offer a unique immersion program to lock in skills for life.

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