About Us


The San Diego Chapter of NAIPC was founded to create a local source of accurate information and quality resources for seniors wanting to remain in their home. Case studies and educational programs are presented at our monthly meetings to better educate the businesses and agencies serving San Diego County’s seniors on best practices, services, and resources. Our membership includes professional service providers, business owners, government agencies, individuals and non-profit organizations who all support aging in place in San Diego.

Our chapter’s mission is to make aging in place a viable option for all seniors in San Diego through education and advocacy. Our members are dedicated to person-centered care that supports a senior’s choice to remain in their home as they age. Please join us at our monthly meeting if you are interested in learning more.

The San Diego chapter can be reached at 858-451-4953.

Spring 2019 Directory

Contact Us

Please contact our officers via email at SanDiego@ageinplace.org or via

Kindra French , President
or 760.845.4017

Caryn Leventhal , Vice President/Programs
or 760.518.1836

Aimee Wilcox , Communications/Secretary
or (619) 405-5006

Dave Beddoes , Treasurer
or 619 840 7844

Pamela Croft , Education
or 858.792.8866

Fred Farmer , Tech Support
or 858.730.3330

Fritzi Gros-Daillon , Membership Chair & Public Relations
or 516.429.4839