2827 Presidio Drive
San Diego, CA 92110
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Anne Kellett, ASID, CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) is an experienced interior designer whose specialty, universal/accessible design, makes it easier to keep your house a home.  Her design firm, A Kinder Space, creates safe, easy to use and beautiful spaces that strive to address the present and future needs of her clients. Anne’s prime goal is to interpret those needs and desires in an aesthetically pleasing way...to make spaces work “for” them ….not “against” them…to create an environment in which they can live and work more positively and independently.

“I’ve actually been an interior designer for almost 40 years now.  I had been an Army brat and my mother in 22 years of marriage made 30 different homes so I learned how to create ‘home’ at her knees.  I’ve worked for furniture stores, small design firms and had my own business since 1984.  I’ve lived and worked in different regions of the country.  The styles in each area are quite different but the design process of working with clients remains the same. Creating a space that makes a difference in a person or family’s life is universal.  It’s not about the style but about making it work for them in a beautiful way.

 Moving to San Diego has brought some new avenues to my career.  As a leading edge Baby Boomer I enjoy incorporating more universal design features into my spaces so my clients can “age gracefully” in their homes.  I have become a local spokesperson for this issue and often speak at events with presentations which address the challenges of aging but show beautiful solutions for specific spaces, like kitchens and baths.”