1029 Oleander Avenue
Chula Vista, GA 91911
(619) 840-7844
David Beddoes

"San Diego Grab Bars grew out of my desire to help people stay safely in their own homes. Falls are a leading cause of injury in the home and one of the primary reasons that people leave their home for assisted care. Grab bars should be one of the first additions to the home. 

All of our installations are ADA Compliant.
Every bar is solidly mounted and will hold at least 250 lbs. We offer grab bars, shower seats, and hand held shower heads to help make the bathroom a safer environment.  And while the bathroom is where people normally think that they need grab bars, we can install hand rails and grab bars anywhere in the home: next to the bed, at the top of the stair case, in the hall or outside the back door

Let me help you or a loved one feel a little more  secure at home."