Elder Law Services

PO Box 126
Loretto, MN 55357
(763) 634-1468
Theresa Johnson

Elder Law Services focuses on helping seniors and their families navigate the waters of aging. These waters may or may not include: dealing with physical disabilities, cognitive challenges, asset protection, distribution of assets at death, delegation of the ability to make health care and financial decisions, providing for a disabled child, paying for the care of an aging loved one, and understanding that the “money issues” are only part of the issues at hand and may not be the most important at any one point in time.


Our goal is to make the journey through the challenges of caring for, planning for, and paying for the care of a disabled spouse, parent, family member or friend a bit less stressful. We have found that a solid base of knowledge, which dispels myths, presents options, and establishes a confidence goes a long way toward the reduction of stress. All this accomplished with an in-depth consultation in a location that is comfortable for the elder and family, usually in the family home or the care facility where the elder is located.