Maryland Introduces Grant Program to Help Seniors Age in Place

The state of Maryland has introduced a new program that provides seniors financial assistance with Aging in Place renovations to help them stay in their homes. The "Accessible Homes for Seniors&... Read More

ConsumerAffairs' Walk-in Bathtub Buyers Guide

Walk-in bathtubs are tubs that have doors for easy access for people with joint or mobility problems. Water in walk-in bathtubs is about 2.5 feet deep compared to just over 1 foot in a standard ba... Read More

NAHB Honors Remodelers for Excellence in Aging in Place Rennovations

The National Association of Home Builders recently announced the winners of the annual Homes for Life awards, an honor given to two remodelers who demonstrate excellence in Aging in Place and Universa... Read More

Factors to Consider Before Moving Into a Senior Community

So you've decided that moving into a senior independent living community is the best option for you. What's the next step? A recent Forbes article highlights important factors to consider before ... Read More

Considering a Less Conventional Housing Arrangement

More and more seniors, finding themselves divorced or still single in their retirement years, are moving towards less conventional housing arrangements. Shared housing is on the rise for those in the... Read More

CAPS Remodelers: Helping Clients Stay in the Home They Love

The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) now estimates that over 70% of homeowners doing a remodeling project are planning for the future needs of themselves or their parents. This trend has b... Read More

Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can be daunting, especially if you're living on a fixed income. However, downsizing your home and buying a new one often makes the most sense to Age in Place. Use this free mortgag... Read More

Living Independently At Home

In the past, if someone had difficulty living by themselves, it was a signal that now was time to move in with family or go to a nursing home. But, for most people, that no longer is the case. Today,... Read More

Johns Hopkins CAPABLE Study

Johns Hokpins's CAPABLE Study is making a difference in the lives of many seniors in the Baltimore area. The team responsible for the study will visit 10 homes over the course of 4 months, providing ... Read More

Making Your Home Senior Friendly

When assessing your current living environment, you need to examine all the major areas of your home, including entry ways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, even the backyard. In all these areas, proper... Read More