Keeping Mobile: Access to Transportation Services

Access to affordable and reliable transportation for the elderly is a concern for many communities, especially in rural areas where service is practically nonexistent.

While they want to remain active, many retirees find themselves homebound for lack of transportation. Only 1.2 percent of seniors use public transportation on a daily basis, while the vast majority rely on friends and family for rides.

On average, women live an extra 10 years between the time they stop driving and pass away; for men it's 6 years, according to Katherine Freund, President & Executive Director of ITNAmerica, a consulting firm based in Portland, ME.

ITNAmerica has helped form senior transportation networks in 26 communities in 21 states.

In each community, a non-profit organization is established to oversee and administer a volunteer transportation service. No public funds are used. Funding comes from donations and member dues that riders pay to belong to the transportation service.

In Charleston, for example, the transportation network averages 25 rides daily. The service uses 50 volunteer (mostly senior) drivers, plus a few paid drivers. To access the service, you pay an annual membership fee of $50. Each ride costs $4, plus $1.45 per mile—about $12 on average one way. No money is exchanged with the driver. Instead, you pay money into a personal ITN account that is deducted after each ride. Tipping is not permitted.

Before the Charleston network was formed in November 2006, many seniors found themselves homebound much of the time because they were afraid to use taxis, or it was too difficult to use the public transportation system, according to Paul Franklin, a business owner in Charleston who helped get the transportation network started.

"Our drivers provide a more personalized, friendly service," added Franklin. "They walk up to the person's front door, help them in and out of the car, and carry packages, which our members appreciate."

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Additional Information

National Center on Senior Transportation. Visit or call 866-528-NCST or 202-347-7385 (TDD).