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NAIPC Publishes First Comprehensive Plan for Aging in Place

Act III Helps Aging Americans Assess Their Needs  2014 Aging in Place Week is Also National Planning Week On October 13, the first day of National Aging in Place Week, the N... Read More

NAIPC Member Lobbies Congress for Better Access to Audiology Services through Medicare

Did you know that hearing loss is the third most common chronic disorder for Americans 65+, after arthritis and high blood pressure? Did you know that hearing loss in seniors can be linked to fall... Read More

New Resource Available to Members!

NAIPC is introducing a new resource available to members. Tony Rovere, Coordinator of the Long Island Chapter and founder of Stuff Seniors Need , has put together a list of free services available t... Read More

Exercising with Cold or Flu Symptoms

We all know about the extensive health benefits of regular exercise. Those who exercise 45 minutes per day live longer. It improves brain function. It can help you deal with chronic pain. Bu... Read More

California State Senate Candidate to Speak at Orange County Chapter Event

California State Senate Candidate, Jose Solorio, will address the Orange County, California Chapter at the next member meeting, scheduled for September 25, 2014 at 9:30 am at Mimi’s Café ... Read More

Technology and Aging in Place

Technology can be a crucial component to successfully aging in place. Advances in technology over the past couple of decades have made a significant impact on a senior's ability to age in place. Read... Read More

Promoting Independence in the Home

In the past, if someone had difficulty living by themselves, it was a signal that now was time to move in with family or go to a nursing home. But, for most people, that no longer is the case. Today,... Read More

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