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What Services Does Bereavement Navigators Offer?

After a Death

BereavementNavigators guides widows, widowers, or adult children through the numerous, unexpected, and sometimes painful tasks that follow a death, by providing them with the organizational tools, resources, and mentoring* they may need after their loved one has died.

Before a Death

In addition, Bereavement Navigators helps people organize their affairs while they are healthy or before a death is expected*, in order to make the tasks their spouse/partner, other relative, or friend may face after their death much easier, less time-consuming, and most importantly, less stressful.

* Bereavement Navigators does not provide legal, financial advisory, accounting/tax or grief support services, but can refer clients to those services.


Ronnie Genser, President

Prior to founding Bereavement Navigators in 2012, Ronnie Genser’s professional background included over 25 years in international and domestic sales, marketing, training, and consulting. In addition to her sales and marketing career, from 2006-2008 Ronnie served on the Board of Directors of the Lewy Body Dementia Association. As a board member and subsequent volunteer, over a five-year period (2006-2011) she created the organization’s support group network of almost 100 support groups, which spanned 36 states and the province of Ontario, Canada. This support group network continues to provide families and caregivers the resources to cope with the life changes wrought by Lewy Body Dementia, an incurable, progressive disease that currently ravages 1.3 million Americans.

Ronnie’s successful career path took an unexpected turn after the sudden death of her husband, Dr. Sandy Weinberg, an Associate Professor of Healthcare Management at Clayton State University, as well as an internationally-renowned FDA Regulatory Affairs consultant to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics industries. He died unexpectedly on October 8, 2011 at age 61 after complications from a heart attack, having spent two days in the ICU at Northside Hospital in Atlanta and seven days in the cardio-vascular ICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The things Ronnie learned about what she needed to do after Sandy’s death including how to organize the numerous and unexpected tasks, the resources she found, and the tips she learned, she now shares in her work as a Bereavement Navigator with other widows, widowers, adult children, and other relatives who have lost a loved one, in hopes that her knowledge will make the myriad tasks and the journey ahead easier for them. This work is similar to what a Sherpa does - someone who guides and helps people navigate in places and situations they have never been before.

Because Ronnie’s experience also taught her that being well-prepared before a death is one of the greatest gifts you can give a loved one, she also works with healthy couples/partners and individuals to prepare, or in some cases better prepare, their affairs long before their own deaths. This work is in many ways similar to a “lifeboat drill,” because for many people it not only becomes a wake-up call, but it also affords their loved ones an opportunity to practice what they will face in the future, while realizing there is no perfect preparation. As a result, Bereavement Navigators offers them and their loved ones the priceless gift of peace-of-mind, knowing the potentially myriad tasks their loved ones will face after their death will be much easier, less time-consuming, and most importantly, less stressful.