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If you are a homeowner* 62 years or older contact our reverse mortgage specialist to see if a reverse mortgage is right for you?

Reverse mortgages are increasingly recognized as a smart and safe way to convert the equity in your home into retirement income.

A reverse mortgage is a unique loan that allows you to convert a portion of the equity in your home into tax-free** funds, giving you greater financial flexibility and security for the future.  A reverse mortgage can be used to;

         Supplement retirement income

         Home repairs or modifications

         Pay for medical or long-term costs

         Delay collecting Social Security, for a larger monthly benefit

         Establish a line of credit that you can tap into as needed

         Purchase a new home

Depending on your qualifications and eligibility, you can receive your funds in a lump-sum distribution, a line of credit, monthly or term disbursements, or any combination of these payment options.

To learn more about how a reverse mortgage could benefit you, please contact our reverse mortgage specialist: 

Kimberly Petrey

NMLS #392902

703-425-1204 x158


*Must own home as primary residence in VA, MD, DC.

**Please consult your tax advisor.









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