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Susan Capurso

Susan Capurso

East End Doula Care LLC


Susan Capurso is the founder of East End Doula Care. She resides in Suffolk County NY and practice’s Island wide. Both her professional and personal experiences have given her a unique perspective on working with and supporting families near End of Life. Her work encompasses advocating, educating and serving. Susan in non-medical and not an aid, she services emotionally, practically, physically and spiritually. She helps to button up all loose ends so your journey comes full circle. She helps you leave a plethora of legacy projects leaving your own thumbprint on the world for generations to come.

Her mission is to help the journey be about peace and balance. rather than fear and anxiety. With a little planning, Susan can help make your experience be one filled with calmness and peace, to bring empathetic guidance, support, compassion and closure into many homes.

Today, Susan serves as a Hospice Volunteer in Suffolk County NY. A Certified Care Consultant (Advance Directives), Certified Elder Care Specialist and a Certified End of Life Doula. She is a speaker and presents a Workshop for End of Life – Rituals and Vigils throughout the tri-state area. In another workshop to seniors, she helps them to complete “The Story of My Life” legacy book. Susan’s been published in several Long Island editorials as well as the New York Post. Nearing completion, she’s authored a book series, “Legacy Creations”, that bring creative projects and ideas into your own families last chapter and will be released soon.

Susan is a proud mother of 2 boys, a writer by passion and loves to travel. Her goal and mission are to help families and caregivers travel through their process so that it flows smoothly and naturally, the way it should. Unfortunately, she has lived this first hand and experienced how end of life could go well, and how it could have been so much better.

Death is natural. We come into the world for only a short time. We live and learn many life lessons before going back home, or on to our next chapter. Death should be a loving and sacred experience for both the individual, caregiver and their family. Susan’s goal is to help facilitate this in the best way possible.