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Jennifer Stark, Lifestyle Specialist for Active Adults 50+ Principal Licensed Broker SRES, CAPS, CAM, SRS

As Principal of JASP Real Estate and Evolving Lifestyles®, "I’m your Lifestyle Specialist and Key Project Manager for everyone under the roof.” When your home no longer fits your needs. The question becomes…Should you stay and renovate, or should you sell?  And where do you begin?

Through a *non-medical personal profile assessment, together we can review and evaluate your current lifestyle as well as anticipate any possible future needs defining your potential options with realistic and attainable goals, thus answering the question “Should you stay or should you sell?”

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with a strong design build, residential remodeling, and functional floor planning background, I can offer solutions for those who want to stay in their home, renovate and be able to live in their home a lifetime.    

Being a caregiver for my mom, I have the experience and compassion, for all my client’s unique needs in their evolving lifestyles. I do appreciate and empathize with the fact that sometimes it might be difficult to move, but at the same time it might not always be a practical choice to stay in your home. As your Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I can create a customized approach to marketing and selling your home, work with you to explore your housing options and ensure that your new home best serves your current and future needs.

With access to reputable professionals, I will develop a plan and organize your team of specialists required to achieve your lifestyle goals.  Through assessments and detail planning, I will provide you enough information to have more realistic goals and expectations that will help you determine and an answering the question… Should you stay, or should you sell? As your advisor and advocate, I will provide a lifestyle plan and take you through the process to achieve your personal intensions and help minimize your stress.


As a child and through a good part of my design, build, and remodel career, I spent a lot of my time on my dad’s residential construction sites learning the trades, problem solving and quality control. I loved the smell of saw dust, fresh paint and watching a plan of a remodel, or a new build home that was designed on paper come to life! 

Being a mom, owning a full service design and build firm, life was busy and sometimes hectic, but hey, I am “young and healthy”.  With my mom also active and in pretty good health, we never thought to have any sort of plan in place for her possible future emergencies, health issues, living conditions etc. Then one day it happened, we never saw it coming, she suffered a brain bleed. Out of an emergency situation, and not knowing where to begin, I had to make some quick decisions and got a crash course in being her caregiver. After her recovery in the hospital and when she was brought back home, I immediately saw the challenges she was having, some were going to be temporary, and some would be permanent.  Her old home did not serve her current and future needs, she was not able to perform normal Activities of Daily Living.  If we could do it, my mom wanted to stay in her home and Age in Place.  I really wanted to make that happen and in order to do that, I designed a floor plan that made her place more livable to suit her current needs, with functional design elements for future possible needs.  My brother and I hands on, did the remodel ourselves. It was a success! During this experience I learned how important the details of functional floor planning and design are for different ages and different stages in all of our lives.  It became a passion of mine to help both active adults 50+ and seniors be able to live in their home a lifetime, so I became a CAPS-Certified Aging in Place Specialist.  The “Lifestyle Plan” was born!

As for myself, I have been told that I am the image of perfect health. I am petite in size, no cholesterol, low blood pressure, and very athletic with a resting heart rate of 52.  Most people guess me to be a lot younger than what I am.  From my experience of taking care of my mom I thought, “Now I know what to do for myself, “when I get old” like my 85 year old mom. There is no urgency to have a plan in place now…”  Then it happened to me…I had my own un-planned crisis.  I ended up in the hospital with a heart attack!  I thought seriously? Is this a joke?  The doctor’s informed me that if I wasn’t in as great shape as I was in, I would have died!  The doctors said my condition is hereditary, and no matter what, it would have eventually happened.  I replied, if that is so, I thought I would have at least 40 more years to prepare for something like this to happen! 

Most of us have a career plan, a medical plan, a financial plan…but do you have a “Lifestyle Plan”? I have learned firsthand…There is an urgency to do it as soon as possible while you can make the decisions for yourself.  Better to be proactive than reactive.  Should you stay or should you sell? Welcome to Evolving Lifestyles LLC, Jennifer Stark “Lifestyle Specialist” and “JASP Real Estate LLC” Lic. Broker sales

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