HB Solutions, LLC

5 Sanderling Ct
Durham, NC 27713
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Catherine Hartwell

Individuals can lose countless days and weeks worrying about necessary business tasks like monthly financial checklists, medical record tracking, preparing for tax filing,  estate planning, or home repairs.

HB Solutions creates a customized business plan for each and every client. You tell us what financial tasks are affecting your life, and we come up with a game plan that addresses your needs.

Our dependable and ethical partnership will help you organize your business affairs so you can get on with your life.

HB Solutions can provide you peace of mind if:

  • You worry about business-related tasks in life–or in the lives of family members you care for.
  • You are dealing with a temporary life or health situation for you or a loved one, and you need help making sense of the paperwork and creating a plan to move forward.
  • You want someone to look at how your accounts are organized and advise you on how to streamline accounts and monthly bills, and  identify home maintenance needs.
  • You would like a long-term partner who offers personal, individualized advice for keeping your business side of life in order.