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David Neuman

At Pop-doc.com we are passionate about joint health.  As one ages, joints can become stiff and painful.  Healing after injury or surgery is not as quick or easy for someone over 60 years old.  Aging people deserve to remain as independent and pain-free as possible. Appropriate, easy-to-do, joint-specific exercises can help combat stiffness and pain.  Pop-doc.com offers seated, controlled exercises to help elders preserve and maintain their joint health.  Either performed alone, with their caregiver, family members, or exercise coach, the motion and toning exercises can be done in as little as 5-7 minutes a day.  The result is increased blood flow to the extremities and more flexibility in the joints.  This will help keep you independent and capable of many activities of daily living.  At Pop-doc.com, we give you the ability to keep 'Making the move to better joint health'.


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